Friday, January 28, 2011

The Artful Life: 10 Crafty Tips to Boost a Child's Self-Confidence and Improve Academic Performance

As parents, we strive to help our children grow up to be healthy, productive adults. Times are changing faster than ever, and parents are working harder to make ends meet. With constant introduction to new technology, as individuals and as a family, we have more choices than we've ever had before. So how do we stay focused and ensure we give our children the best upbringing possible? In this series we will share some tips we have found that help children develop a positive self image, and encourage success in the classroom.

Image by onezilla via Flickr

These are simple ideas, but very transformative when adopted as lifestyle habits!  If you found these ideas useful, please leave a comment and share your thoughts with us!


  1. We need to get children interested in art young, that's how we instil real passion.

  2. My oldest has become quite the industrialist. I "hired" him for a job. He then directs his brothers on what needs to get done. I pay him and he doles out a smaller amt to his help . I almost died laughing when I caught him. I guess he learned how to organize and run a business!!! LOL

  3. Gaa this was supposed to be under the last post! ...sigh

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies. It's ok Patty, I know what you meant... it still applies here!


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