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Tilted Scaffolding, Yellow & Blue
Image by DanaGraves via Flickr

Remember when I hyped-up a new structure for the blog that was coming in an earlier post this month?  Well, I've been dreaming, scheming, consulting, learning (and stressing!) over Elysian Studios' new online format, and it is in the process of being turned into reality. 

Today, I am moving the existing content into the new template.  I am as excited as I am nervous, and hoping it goes smoothly!  I have exciting posts lined up for this month, and am looking forward to getting back into the studio myself to share current projects with you!

I hope the new blog functions better for readers, as it will allow you to find the content you are most interested in more easily.  Please be patient with me as I continue to work out a few kinks and bugs (hopefully they will be few!)

I am so excited to continue to explore all things art, and hope you'll join me!  I've enjoyed the creative blogging journey immensely already, and am somewhat sad to see the initial look leave.  However, that sentiment doesn't nearly equal the exhilaration that swells as I think of the new possibilities on the horizon.

A screenshot for blogging posterity:

Original Elysian blog
Screenshot from Elysian Studios' Blog 2010-2011



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