Wednesday, March 23, 2011

little zen (showers): New Textile Art

little zen(showers)

This is a new addition to my textile series featuring "little zen," a cute little humble bird that stops to rest in different settings. Thus far, he's visited the forest, beach and now a few puddles during a spring shower.  

I have again used the thread-painting technique to create the rippling puddles and falling rain. To add to that glorious wet, spring-muddy feeling, I have aged different fabrics in the piece with Walnut Distress Ink.  I have also hand-sewn many seed beads to create a glistening, wet effect in the rain, puddles, and on "little zen."

little zen (showers): image details

I think it is very important to frame a textile piece like this.  Of course you wouldn't frame a large quilt or wall-hanging, but it is hard for someone to imagine what to do with a small work of textile art, even if they can appreciate it.  Years of framing has taught me this, and I always hated seeing poor little abandoned stitcheries and fiber art come in after years of storage. 

To solve this problem, I have hand mounted this piece onto a lovely pleated aqua silk. The fabric beautifully echoes the imagery of the art.  I added a title, and constructed a shadow box to keep the fabric and beads off the glass. "Little zen" will be pleasantly enjoying his little sip from a fresh rain puddle for years to come!

little zen (showers)-frame details


  1. I love this piece! It's so delicate and full of spring. And "little zen" is just precious.

  2. Amazing detail to your work with the hand beading, pleated backing and stitched bird and leaves. Nice color combination with a great name Little Zen.

  3. Just lovely! What immaculate attention to detail from the artwork, to the frame, to the blog post!!!!

  4. It is so detailed and textural. The colors are gorgeous! You rock, Erin!

  5. Thank you all so much! I appreciate your comments!

  6. Oh I just love this little piece - totally. I want to play with textile art - lots of ideas but I long ago ran out of Pamela! For now, i am going to be satisfied with enjoying yours!

    Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing.


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