Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Monet's Garden": New Necklace Design

"Monet's Garden" Necklace

Monet's Garden 1 copy

My new necklace design was inspired by this beautiful purple enameled key made by Laura Guenther for Blue Antiquities. Immediately, I began to think of the precious nature of a vintage key.  

What would inspire someone to wear it? 

The key to a secret place...a beautiful place...a secret garden... Monet.

The purple beckoned the pinks and greens.  Natural elements soon followed: pearls, botanical shapes, and a sweet little Vintaj brass bird (seen better here).  In fact, the gorgeous tones of the hand-finished Vintaj brass components were an easy choice to complete the design and accentuate the key.

I dressed the necklace up for a day at the office or special meeting by pairing it with a simple knit tee under a cream blazer.  However, this could be worn around town with a drapey solid-colored  knit tee and jeans, or with a simple, flowy summer dress to a garden party!


  1. I love this necklace - the colors and strands go together beautifully!!! I love your model too!

  2. I love the multi-strand design. Monet is the perfect inspiration for these colors. Beautiful Erin!

  3. Thanks Heather and Patty! Your opinions mean a lot to me!

  4. Erin, This is so pretty and I love your design the Secret Garden theme! I am so glad you enjoyed the key, and you created such a beautiful piece with it! Laura


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