Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Boho Beach": New Jewelry Collection by Elysian Studios

Boho Beach#1-comp copy

Boho Beach#2-comp copy

These are the first two pieces in my new "Boho Beach" jewelry collection.  Featuring multiple strands in glittering orange, pearly creams, and vibrant blues, these pieces are meant to be statements that easily coordinate with a casual, beach wardrobe.

The first necklace features a hand-linked, clustered focal.  Multiple links of colorful glass beads, quartz stone chips, and sparkling crystals, hang from a Vintaj "Eternity Garden Ring."  For the necklace, two strands of quartz crystals are intertwined and highlighted with fire-polished rounds, orange stones, Vintaj jump rings, and linked dangles of glass and wood beads.  The piece is finished with a Vintaj Hook & Eye clasp set.  I also made a coordinating pair of earrings.

The second necklace sparkles with strands of goldstone, Crystazzi pearls, Carnelian faceted rounds, and metallic glass beads.  The glass starfish focal coordinates with the blue/copper tube and round beads.  To add to the "boho" vibe, I added a swaying fringe of natural suede lace that drapes down the side of the necklace- it is so fun to wear!

All that's needed is a straw cowboy hat, a beach with gently crashing waves, and a Pina Colada! Well, a girl can dream....


  1. I love the color choice. Orange my favorite and it always goes great with shades of blue.
    Reminds my of my fun sunny days on the beach in Florida.

  2. Great work, Erin! I love the turquoise star bead and swaying fringe! Can't wait to see what you do with all your other Bead show treasures.

  3. Thank you very much,ladies! Oh, there's much more jewelery to come! :-)

  4. Beautiful; I love the colors! I have been wanting to make a boho bangle with all of my scrap beads!

  5. LOVE the starfish necklace! Of course it is in my colors! And it doesn't hurt that i have a thing for starfish!


  6. Gorgeous - I can just see the outfits/looks that your pieces would complete!

  7. Hermosos los dos! Me encanta el primero!!


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