Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrate! Mother's Day Gift Guide

I confess, I'd love every single one of these lovely things! Celebrate a mother in your life with these beautiful treats!

MothersDay1 copy

Breakfast....yummmm....Elegant Coffee, Cinnamon Pancakes, Fresh Fruit Kebobs: delish! (mandatory)


MothersDay4 copy

Pull her heartstrings with handmade keepsakes: a bound book or children's doodle art (links are how-to's!)

MothersDay3 copy

Decorate her wrist, neck and ears with gorgeous handmade baubles from fabulous designers!

MothersDay2 copy

Remind her she's special all year long with a unique and exotic houseplant! (succulents, meyer lemon)

MothersDay5 copy

Top off her evening with a sumptuous champagne and berry cocktail, and some heavenly truffles....bliss!

Food Images courtesy Tea&Coffee,  Don't Forget Delicious!, You Otta Know
Craft Images courtesy CraftyPod, Cool Stuff Art Gallery
Jewerly Images courtesy The Junquerie, BeadSoul
Plant Images courtesy Proplants, Williams Sonoma
Champagne and Chocolate Images courtesy The Glitter Guide, Jamesjyu
Mouse's Chocolates is a wonderful handcrafted chocolate shop here in Colorado!


  1. Your mothers day ideas are all great! Thanks for including my art project. I'm going to email this post over to my husbands email address, hopefully it helps LOL!
    The fruit kabobs look delicious!!

  2. Thank You so much for including me!!! ...and I wouldn't mind the Champagne and Berry cocktail and those truffles!!!

    I am reposting this to my Facebook page! XO

  3. I would like the truffles first please.


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