Sunday, April 10, 2011

Color Inspirations: April {Cerebral Cerulean}

Blues- No.1





Blues No.1: Blue Umbrella, Distressed Blue Wood, Blue Stamps
Blues No.2: Blue Beads, "The Old Guitarist," Blue Buttons
Blues No.3: Blue Glass Tiles, Blue View of Capri, Blue Swim, Blue Watercolor
Blues No.4:Blueberries, Blue Jeans, "Pelvis with Distance"
Blues No.5: Blue Butterfly, Bluebird, Blue Hydrangea

Having spent the entire weekend studying color, it is refreshing to look exclusively at the many nuances of blue:

Smooth. Wet. Gusty. Weathered. Worn.  Feathered.  Mournful. Juicy.  Delicate.  Limitless.

Whether Ultramarine, Cerulean, Cobalt or Azure, blue is a soothing, calming and brilliant color.  As a primary hue, it touts its authority as an essential component of thousands of other colors-even lemon yellow has a touch of blue!

Blue is said to be a color of the mind, and inherently soothing.  It is the color of clarity. Blue recedes into the infinite distance, and is often cited as the most popular "favorite color."  Blue evokes strong emotions, and is the only color that can boast a musical genre of its own!

How does blue inspire you?


  1. Blue is my absolute favorite color - it definately relaxes me! If I had my way the whole house would be a dark French Blue but the hubbers says no! How rude : P

  2. Teals inspire my love for mid century, inspiring blues, clear sky's, days at the beach, a pair of faded blue jeans for working on the farm. Blue to me is a cool, relaxing color.

  3. Beautiful art board! I love these blues... teals and navy are my two current faves. I think of restfulness like soothing waters, but also of brilliance, like the flash of a blue jay as it flits across the yard. Thank you for sharing this!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love blue but mostly the deep dark tones. That bird looks so proud of his feathers!

  5. Funny. My eyes love blue - almost all shades. (So of course they were happily lingering a long time on your beautiful collages!)

    But I just realized, I rarely create in blue! Hummmm......

  6. I am so happy you all are enjoying these! I am studying color quite heavily these days, and have a lot of fun putting these collages together!

  7. Great collages! I'm not normally inspired by blue unless I'm at the beach, but your comment about it receding into the infinite distance makes me want to paint my ceilings a light blue. :)

  8. oooohhhh these collages are gorgeous!! It's so easy to say "blue" and just take for granted the first idea of it that comes to mind. I love the way you opened the aperture to show all those different're spot on! I've been carrying my camera with me more and more, so I'll be on the lookout for more blue


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