Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Discipline Your Creativity, and Learn to Fly!

yeah fly high baby yeah
Image by Oddsock via Flickr

To celebrate my 100th post (whoo-hoo!) I am introducing a new addition to my site:

"Stories From the Studio: The Podcast that Nurtures Your Creativity"

The first installation is a continuation of my Creativity Series, titled "Discipline Your Creativity, and Learn To Fly."  In this podcast we'll discuss what discipline is, where we need to add it to our creative life, when to start and how.

Can't see the Podcast player in your email or reader? Listen Here

Show Notes:

Learn effective personal Time Management Skills to help you achieve more in life!

You know exercise is good for you: 7 benefits of Regular Physical Activity

A few healthy resources to aid in diet and exercise goals: Online Community/Tracking Tool, Healthy Recipes, Cookbook (don't diet- just use the recipes!)

Have you seen The Google Art Project yet? Get some inspiration for disciplining your creative skills!

Day 100 - Bam!
Image by Brianjmatis via Flickr

This is just the beginning.....


  1. The time will never be right - one of my mottos!!! You are awesome all the time. XO

  2. My first pod cast. Great job Erin! Defiantly brought to light some areas I need discipline in. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Yay! Congratulations!! Now to hunt up my husband and figure out how to add you to my iPod ;)

  4. Congratulations on 100!

    I have never thought to count my posts - no idea if i have written that many!

    Wishing you many many many more! Am looking forward to listening to your first podcast!

    I totally love the photo by the way.


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