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Midnight Surf {Drenched in Stones} Jewelry Collection

Midnight Surf was a line of jewelry created by
Erin Fickert-Rowland exclusively for Elysian Studios.
All pieces are one-of-a-kind.

The "Drenched In Stones" collection features pieces that are swimming in elegant Pearls, Blue Goldstone,Garnet, Polished Lava Rock and shimmering Crystals. Drape your neckline or wrist in multiple layers of navy, burgundy aqua, magenta, black and silver stones. This collection is styled to complement your wardrobe with elegant glamour.


The "Drenched In Stones" necklace is the star of this collection with three layers of beautiful gemstones.  A Vintaj Ocean Surf focal takes center stage among the strands, and has a shimmering silver metal fish charm jumping among its waves with a sparkling fire polished wrapped drop. The pendant has been hand painted and distressed, filled with polymer clay on the reverse, stamped with "Midnight Surf," and painted for effect.   A silver metal toggle clasp bears the inscription "Luck" and has an elegant drop of aqua fire polished glass and black crystal.

The outermost strand is strung with 14mm aqua glass rounds with pewter bead caps, 12mm Blue Goldstone rounds, 8mm and 4mm black faceted glass crystals, polished Lava Rock nuggets, 6mm magenta and aqua fire polished faceted Czech rounds, 9mm cranberry Pearls with pewter bead caps, and 6x9mm Blue Goldstone rondelles.  The center strand has 6mm silver faceted glass crystals, 6mm aqua fire polished Czech rounds, 6x9mm Blue Goldstone rondelles, and 8mm and 4mm black faceted glass crystals with pewter daisy spacers.  The innermost strand features Garnet chips, 6mm clear faceted glass crystals, and 4mm aqua fire polished Czech rounds.

The necklace is 13 1/2 inches in length from the back clasp to the bottom center of the lowest strand (see display).

No Longer Available


"Drenched {in Blue Goldstone}" is an elegant pair of earrings that will coordinate effortlessly with any wardrobe.  Beautiful 12mm Blue Goldstone gemstones are stacked between two 6x9mm Blue Goldstone rondelles and 4mm Sterling Silver rounds.  Hand wrapped on Sterling Silver head pins, the stones hang from Sterling Silver ear wires.  The earrings have a 1 3/4 inch drop.

No Longer Available


"Drenched In Stones {go fish}" bracelet will wrap her wrist in shimmering hues of navy, burgundy, aqua and magenta with accents of silver and crystal sparkle.  A whimsical drop hangs from the silver metal toggle clasp, and features a 12mm aqua glass round surrounded by pewter bead caps, a 6mm clear faceted glass crystal rondelle, and a silver metal fish charm with a wrapped 4mm fire polished magenta dangle.

The three strands are separated by two silver metal 3-1 link connectors, and finished with wire guards for durability. The strands are strung with 8mm and 4mm black faceted glass crystals, 6mm clear faceted glass crystals, 6x9 mm Blue Goldstone rondelles, 6mm navy Pearls, 9mm cranberry Pearls, 3m and 4mm Sterling Silver rounds, 4mm and 8mm aqua and magenta fire polished Czech faceted rounds, and complemented by pewter beads caps and gunmetal daisy spacers.

The bracelet is not adjustable, but is designed to fit loosely, and measures 8 3/4 inches long.

No Longer Available


"Drenched {in Pearls}" is a wonderful feeling for any woman, and these earrings are sure to make her feel elegant and beautiful!  Lovely 9mm cranberry Pearls are strung on Sterling Silver and surrounded by 12mm Blue Goldstone rounds with 4mm Sterling Silver rounds, and 6mm clear faceted glass crystals with 4mm black faceted glass crystals.  The stones hang from Sterling Silver ear wires, and the earrings have a 2 1/8 inch drop.

No Longer Available


"Drenched In Stones{like a star}" bracelet has rich elements of deep black and navy.  Polished black Lava Rock nuggets contrast with shimmering 8mm black faceted glass crystals, and are complimented by smooth 6mm navy pearls and 6x9mm sparkling Blue Goldstone rondelles.  Both of these strands also feature bright clear crystals and aqua fire polished Czech faceted rounds.  The third strand is simply strung with Garnet chips and 4mm Sterling Silver rounds. 

The bracelet is finished with wire guards for durability and a Sterling Silver hook clasp that attaches to a silver metal twisted ring.  The clasp also has three lovely dangles of a silver metal heart and starfish, and a 8mm magenta fire polished Czech faceted round.  

The bracelet is not adjustable, but is designed to fit loosely and measures 8 inches in length.

No Longer Available

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