Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bella Luna {Fairy} Necklace, beautifully handcrafted

"Amethyst Garden" is a new collection of jewelry inspired by the rare beauty of purple in the natural world.

"Bella Luna {Fairy}" is the first piece, and she is so beautiful, I had to introduce her by herself!

Bella Luna {Fairy} Necklace- Fairy side

This necklaces showcases a beautiful handmade Shibuichi Luna Moth pendant by Cynthia Thornton of Green Girl Studios.  It has been handcarved from wax, then cast in Shibuichi using the lost wax casting method.  A handmade flower Shibuichi clasp, also by Cynthia Thornton, elegantly completes the design.

Complimenting the gorgeous pendant are beautiful Rainbow Snakeskin Agate faceted oval beads.  These beads are each 16 x 12 mm, and highly polished to reveal their translucent beauty.  Green River Shell rounds highlight the design, and all the beads are spaced with shimmering golden amethyst seed beads. 

The wearer of this beautiful piece can choose to keep the fairy hidden by displaying the moth side of the pendant, or reveal the whimsical fairy in all her loveliness. 

Bella Luna {Fairy} Necklace- Moth side

Bella Luna {Fairy} Necklace- Flower and Leaf clasp

This Princess length necklace measures 18 inches long, and has a drape of 11 inches from back of clasp to the bottom of the Moth pendant.  The pendant measures 50 mm wide by 45 mm high.  Wire guards have been used to ensure durability. This piece was made by Erin Fickert-Rowland for Elysian Studios.

This piece is completely handcrafted, and truly unique.

"Bella Luna {Fairy}" will make her wearer feel gorgeous and special.

No Longer Available


  1. she is exquisite! she took my breath away!

  2. Thank you, Christine! It is a beautiful pendant! I love the work of the artist who made it!


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