Monday, September 26, 2011

How To Make an Elegant Jewelry Display


Here is a beautiful way to organize and display your favorite jewelry.  My friend, Kate, over at Tropical Blonde inspired me to transform a few frames from my collection.  Check out her tutorial for more ideas! 

Gone is the cluttered, tangled mess of my jewelry box, and the strewn mess on my countertop.  Now I have a gorgeous display to admire the cherished pieces I have collected and been given over the years!

You can make one too- it's easy!

Supplies copy

You will need:

1. Aluminum Window Screen, in a width large enough to accommodate your frame. You can get this at your local hardware store.

2. A can of spray paint in the color of your choice.

3.Staple Gun and staples, wire cutters (or scissors you don't care about), newspaper (and a rock or two if it's breezy!)

4. Electricity (if your staple gun requires it)

5. A beautiful frame. I salvaged this one from a local store that was moving. Thrift stores, garage sales, and the clearance section of your favorite store are good options to find something you will love.

Jewelry Display Collage

Lay the frame face down, roll out the screen, and trim it about an inch past the edge of the opening on all sides.

Lay out your newspapers, place the screen on top, and shake your spray paint well.  

Spray the screen generously.  If you are trying to get a solid color, you may need to flip it over once the first side has dried.  I was just adding a little gold shimmer, so it didn't require that.  

Working from one side to it's opposite side, pull the screen tight and staple it down.  Do this around the entire frame.


Assembled 1

I placed drapery pins in the screen to hang my necklaces, and my wire earrings just slipped easily into the screen.  Now you can have your necklace and coordinating earrings side-by-side, ready to go! You can even display your favorite brooches and pins!  

This makes accessorizing so much easier! 


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  1. this is beautiful!!! elegant is right! i will be making some of these. i made one a few months back, with a cork board. i spray-painted the whole thing in black matte and got decorative tacks that had hooks on them. it was for an anklet display at a beauty salon.

  2. That looks very glamorous, Erin!Love the frame. And what a beautiful collection of necklaces you have!
    Another great tutorial!
    Geanina :)

  3. Awesome tutorial! I have a few small black frames and I am doing something to hang my earrings with tabs on the back. I am using cup hooks with fishing line and they will look like they are floating in the frame. I also plan to drill two small holes in the back at an angle and add some dowels so that they will be free standing. Brilliant!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Erin, I love your version! It is indeed very elegant - that frame is stunning, and what you've done to it really accents how beautiful it is.

  5. Thanks so much for the nice comments! I am glad you ladies enjoyed it!

  6. Great idea Erin! And what a wonderful way to upcycle a beautiful ornate frame.


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