Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shop Small: Support Handcrafted Business

Shopping from Small Businesses has never been more important to the American economy, and this Holiday Season, I am pledging to buy more handmade goods from small, handcrafted businesses.  Supporting people who provide unique goods and services in our own communities is important to promote economic growth and job creation in our country.

Big box stores can dangle their high-budget commercials, insanely "good" deals, and ridiculous shopping hours all they want (all while over-working and underpaying their employees).  This year, I am taking the Holiday Season back for my family, starting with Thanksgiving.  We will be spending time with our loved ones: eating, drinking, laughing and relaxing.  You won't find us losing sleep or throwing elbows and exchanging words with competing shoppers.  Instead, we'll take our time to pick out special gifts while trying to enjoy the season instead of stressing out over the frenzy.

I've started a bit of my shopping already this year by attending several local Holiday Art and Craft Shows.  Buying products directly from the people that lovingly create them has been such a treat!  I've sent some unique baby gifts off, and can't wait to enjoy some of the yummy goodies I found with my family over the holidays.

Here's how I've been shopping small:

Blog Photos-004

Blog Photos-002

Blog Photos-003

I hope you get out on Saturday to support Small Business Saturday.  Whether it's a local shop or a small online business, and whether you buy a lot or just a little- it makes a difference!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Welcome to the Holiday Season! 

(I have some fun treats coming up!)


  1. Great Post! Excellent, thoughtful and inspiring!Well stated!

    I am 100% in agreement with every word.

    And you will be happy to know that I am following the same path with the possible exception that i am supporting small businesses - not only those that make a product. Small businesses selling Dutch or Scandinavian imports, or that sell hand made goods from many different makers, or local booksellers - (they are almost extinct you know!) even small tea coffee and spice markets. We have purchased nothing from a big box store and it is amazing how good we feel about spending our money - what little there is to spend - with people who are doing their best to keep their own small businesses afloat in this crazy economic time.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Pam! I agree that "Shopping Small" doesn't have to mean handmade. I am trying to shop more local retail, instead of the big box stores, too! Thank you so much for your awesome comment!


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