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Fashionable looks for work and play inspired the Woodland Spice Jewelry Collection

"What a Hoot"  Simple Ensemble

"What A Hoot" Simple Ensemble

"Little Canary" Casual Chic
"Little Canary" Casual

"Nouveau Spice" All Dressed Up

"Cinnamon and Spice" is Always Nice!
"Cinnamon and Spice" is always nice!

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  1. LOVE the looks you put together. It must be fun when you get into the groove of putting these together. For some reason, I keep thinking about Paper Dolls :-)

  2. Great taste, Erin! I love all of your ideas ! Spice colours are my favourite choices for clothing :)

  3. Love these Erin - I wish I had all these outfits! It's like a mini pinterest!

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