Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woodland Spice: The Look

Fashionable looks for work and play inspired the Woodland Spice Jewelry Collection

"What a Hoot"  Simple Ensemble

"What A Hoot" Simple Ensemble

"Little Canary" Casual Chic
"Little Canary" Casual

"Nouveau Spice" All Dressed Up

"Cinnamon and Spice" is Always Nice!
"Cinnamon and Spice" is always nice!


  1. LOVE the looks you put together. It must be fun when you get into the groove of putting these together. For some reason, I keep thinking about Paper Dolls :-)

  2. Great taste, Erin! I love all of your ideas ! Spice colours are my favourite choices for clothing :)

  3. Love these Erin - I wish I had all these outfits! It's like a mini pinterest!


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