Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Adventures with Instagram (And Monster Trucks)

Monster Energy Truck

Trucks (especially the extra-loud, over-sized variety) aren't really my thing. However, I have two young boys who think they're cool, so we ventured out to Denver Monster Jam for some out-of-the-ordinary fun and took my new iPhone camera for a spin! 

First, let me say.... I am in love with this phone (the new iPhone 4S).  I could wax poetic about all of it's features, but I want to share what this tiny phone can do for your photography.  The phone takes amazing pictures- with 8 megapixel resolution and a f/2.4 aperture, it lets in a lot of light and captures amazing detail. Check out the incredible detail in this picture I snapped of my son, who was wearing half of his cotton candy on his face (which he managed to hide in time!)


I took this with my PHONE... I'm still geeking out over it!

But we're not even close to talking about all of the awesome things you can do with your pictures.  Have you heard of Instagram? It's a social iPhone app that streams snapshots people have taken with the iPhone camera. Share what you're seeing and glimpse into the activities and inspirations of others. Follow your friends and family or follow artists and celebrities.  Even President Obama is on Instagram

You can snap pictures within the free Instagram app or import them from your phone camera.  You can connect your photos to Twitter, Facebook, Email, Flickr and Tumblr.  You can follow me: my username is elysianstudios, and if you are on Instagram, please leave your username in the comments below so I can follow you too!  

Instagram allows you to edit your pictures with cool frames and filters.  Their newest feature, Lux, is especially helpful for boosting the brightness and colors of your images.  Here, I altered my picture with Lux, and the "Nashville" filter:

Quad Racing at Denver Monster Jam

There are other apps that help you alter images even further.  The Super Retro App has a nice lineup of features that give you more options than Instagram. You can take a picture within the app or import them from your phone camera. Super Retro allows you to share directly to Twitter, Facebook, Email and Instagram.  It's only $1.99, has a nice crop/rotate feature, and a nice variety of color filters, "Magic Hat Tricks", and frames.  Here I used the XProcess, Vignette and Viewfinder frames:

Monster Mutt-Before_After copy

The Pixlromatic App is free and has even more effects than Super Retro, but it is lacking a crop/rotate feature.  It lets you share to Facebook, Flickr and Email. Honestly, I have the most fun with this one.  Like the other two apps, you can take photos from within the app or just import them from your phone's photo library.  I used the "Anne", Cyborg", and "Old" frames for these photos (which I then collaged in Photoshop):

Truck Composite copy

The possibilities are really endless with this new technology! I am having a lot of fun with it, and you will see me uploading more photography to all of my sites using these apps.  To have a fabulous camera in your hand at all times is one of the best tools a creative person can have, and I plan to use it to its maximum potential.  Here's some more fun I've been having with all of it:

Monster Jam Denver's

Monster Jam Denver

Crushed Cars- Monster Jam Denver

Batman Monster Truck

Enjoying Monster Jam Denver

Have fun with your photography, 
and be sure to share it!


  1. I'm not into trucks (or cars ) myself , but the photos you took look so cool !! Instagram is really popular; didn't know about Super Retro - thanks for sharing! Shame I only have a humble Blackberry :(

    Geanina xo

  2. Thanks, Geanina! happy to share- I just upgraded myself and am catching up on all of this fun stuff!

  3. I'm like you and could wax poetic for ages on my phone/camera. :)


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