Monday, April 9, 2012

Artists At Play: Elysian Studios' Past Blog Hop Flair

Blog Hops are a blast!  I wanted to have a space to preserve the wonderful memories I have started to collect by participating in all of these great events.

They usually have great buttons that the hosts create, so this is my page to showcase the "Blog Hop Flair" 
I have earned over the years:


  1. You take my breath away! I can't believe you have managed to find the time to participate in so many "Blog Hops"!

    I didn't know the cookie recipe swap was a blog hop! Thought it was a swap or exchange - but what ever it was - I am soooo happy you participated last Christmas season.

    I have only been "aboard" as a reader for the more recent blog hops, but I am always in awe of how beautifully and artfully you interpret the theme.

  2. A page dedicated to the "Hops" is a great idea. Very organized and a nice hub from which to check out others' work.


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