Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime Fun (& New Changes): Studio Update

Ferris Wheel on #santamonica pier #california
From Santa Monica Pier, California

It's Summer Time!

Around here, that means two very energetic, video-game loving boys are home from school.  To make the most of our summer together, we're balancing lots of play, getting out and about to experience new things (yep- another Road Trip was had!), and squeezing in some long overdue projects for our house.

Pismo beach, California 2012
From Pismo Beach, California

Our family ventured out from Denver, Colorado all the way to the California Coast and back early this summer. We enjoyed returning to our previous home in San Luis Obispo, visiting familiar places and catching up with old friends. We had a week filled with beaches, biking, wine tasting, shopping at Trader Joe's (we don't have any in Denver yet!), and lots of delicious food.  A great time was had by all- especially the boys who had never seen the Pacific Ocean before!

Hiking The Narrows At Zion National Parks
Hiking "The Narrows" at Zion National Park

We also explored Zion National Park, Utah for the first time on our way out to California. If you ever have the chance to visit, I highly recommend "The Narrows" hike.  It is a difficult water hike that requires special shoes and a bit of planning and preparation, but if conditions are right, you will experience a completely unique, and gorgeous, landscape.

Here are a couple other famous spots we stopped off at for a bit:

Hollywood Sign- Visited During Our Summer Road Trip
Hollywood, California

Las Vegas Sign- Summer 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been having a lot of fun with my iPhone camera.  In fact, I hardly used anything else on our trip! I did pack my DSLR with it's zoom lens specifically for some great beach shots.  I am glad I did, as I took a LOT of them.  However, one short afternoon at the beach during high winds, and my camera has sand in places that may never come out!  The phone was much easier to tote around, and share some snapshots on Instagram during our trip.

(Which is my segue to all the things I am working on behind the scenes here for Elysian Studios...) 

Watercolors- Essential For An Artist To Create On The Go!
Watercolors: So portable, so easy- perfect for making art on the go!

Elysian Studios is going to be going through some maintenance and new changes.  The studio itself will undergo a major clean-up and re-organization (possibly the most dreaded activity for any artist).  New storage needs to be built, and of course, making the working environment as inspirational and practical as possible. 

Additionally, my site and shop will be getting a face-lift!  I have been updating my social media sites (see Twitter, and Facebook) to better reflect the Elysian Studios style, but the blog is a bit more complicated.  I am in the process of trying to determine what will be the best solution to improve the  look of the blog and shop as well as make them more user friendly.  

Working on some Art Mail Correspondence today! #art #mail #letters #postcards
Working on sending out Mail Art!

I am also developing a more reliable blogging schedule of regular content that is in line with my vision for Elysian Studios (you know there will still be a lot of variety- I love all things artsy and crafty too much!)  Part of that regular content will be posting about my Mail Art Project and creating "My Week in Instagram" posts (you can also follow me on Instagram).  This is a fun way for me to keep everyone up to date on all that is going on at Elysian Studios, and in my life as an artist!

In Santa Monica,CA  Summer 2012
Greetings from Santa Monica, CA!

Between all of this, gearing up for a summer season full of Art Shows and Festivals around Colorado, and developing a more cohesive line of products.... "Whew!" I get tired just thinking about it!  Good thing I love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else!

What are your exciting summer plans?   Travels? Favorite Art Shows you love to attend?  Creating fun activities for children, too?  I'd love to hear about them! 

(oh, and if you see the "Studio Cleaning Fairy".... please, please send her my way!)


  1. My summer is pretty much an echo of this post. :) Cleaning, reorganizing, pushing forward, honing, focusing, + regular life and adventures with the boys.

  2. What a great start for your summer! And it looks as though you have the remaining days potentially quite full!

    In my mind your site is perfect already! So I can't imagine it being any better - but I trust your artistic spirit completely and i know whatever you do it will be wonderful!


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