Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrate 2012 London Olympics: DIY Printed Tees

Finished Tees-Portrait

Get ready for The Opening Ceremonies by creating your own 2012 London Olympic Games Commemorative T-Shirt.  Use your Union Jack Stamp to have a T-Shirt stamping party, and let everyone join in the fun!

Gather These Supplies:

Blank Cotton T-Shirts

Acrylic Paints in Red, Blue, Black and Yellow

Multiple Craft Paintbrushes
(It's nice to have several dedicated for each color)

Disposable Plates

Sharpie Markers in Black and Gold

Additional Pre-Made Foam Stamps (numbers, stars, etc.)

Cardboard Insert For T-shirt
(This stops the paint from bleeding through to the other side- we used USPS Priority Mail boxes)

Disposable Wipes or Water for cleanup

Snacks (this is a party, after all!)

Step One: Prepare to Paint

Tees-Step 1

Pour generous amounts of paint onto the disposable plates.  Having two for each color minimizes the wait time, and allows everyone to keep working.  This also prevents mixing of paint colors, which would muddy the stamped images. 

Step Two: Paint and Stamp the Union Jack Flag

Tees-Step 2

Tees-Step 3

Because the Union Jack will be the dominant graphic of the finished design, begin printing with your flag stamp .  Match the color of paint to the color of foam on the stamp and generously coat the Union Jack Flag with paint.  Work neatly, but quickly, as the paint will start to dry (especially if a too thin coat was applied.)

Tees-Step 4

Determine where you want the stamp to be printed, flip it over onto the T-shirt, and press firmly.  Be sure to apply pressure to the middle of the stamp, as well as the edges. (We had everyone label the back of their own Union Jack Stamp to keep the project personalized)

Tees-Step 5

Carefully lift the stamp directly up off the T-shirt.  Re-apply paint and continue stamping as many flags as you would like in your design.  If the paint is light in areas (like the above photo), and you would like it to be darker, you can carefully line up the stamp on top of the previous image and reapply to create a more vivid stamp.  Alternatively, you can lightly brush paint directly into the less saturated spots.  If you coat the stamp enough with paint the first time, you shouldn't have this problem.

Step Three: Embellish Your Design

Tees-Step 9

Tees-Step 6

Tees-Step 7

Tees-Step 8

Customize your shirt by adding more stamps.  Stars,  the date, and hand-drawn embellishments will make your T-shirt special.  If you get a few drops of paint here and there, don't fret!  Use that as an opportunity to add more decoration!  Our mantra was :"It's Handmade".  If a few drips and smears still show, that was just a way to remember how much fun we had getting messy and creating these together!

Finished Tees copy

 Now we're ready to cheer for the athletes in our favorite events!
We have a few more fun ideas for using the
 Union Jack Stamps, so stay tuned!  

Are you excited to watch the Summer Olympics?

We enjoy watching all of the stories unfold about the athletes and the games. The Opening Ceremonies are such a wonderful event: seeing the world come together to celebrate is inspiring!


  1. Those tees are so much fun. What a great way to celebrate the Olympics!

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), we no longer have television. So we won't be able to watch the Olympics (which I love) this time around. Boo.

  2. Thanks, Michele! Sorry you're missing the Olympics this time, but I think there's a lot of value in going without TV for awhile!


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