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Making A Tasseled Origami Crane Mobile: Art Tutorial

DIY Origami Crane copy

Origami Cranes symbolize peace, prosperity and happiness, and look beautiful when strung in multiples.  According to Japanese tradition, folding 1000 Origami Cranes will grant one a wish from a Crane, which is believed to be a powerful mythical creature. 

Folding 1000 Cranes isn't necessary to enjoy their whimsical presence.  Learn how to string Origami Cranes into a beautiful tasseled mobile to create a thoughtful gift perfect for a friend, loved one, or a special treat for yourself!

Part One: Fold the Cranes

Making origami Cranes Collage
Creating the Origami Mobile: Steps 1-3 (clockwise from top left)

Step 1: Gather your Supplies: Origami Paper (3 inches x 3 inches-enough squares for as many cranes as you want on your mobile), scissors, ruler, tapestry needle, embroidery floss in a coordinating color, metallic thread (optional)

Step 2: Fold the Cranes.  I love this Origami Crane Video Tutorial by Rob's World on YouTube:

Step 3: Line up your Cranes in the order you would like them to hang on your mobile

Part Two: Make the Tassel

Making Tassel 1
Making A Tassel: Steps 1-4 (clockwise from top left)

Step 1:  Cut about 1 yard of embroidery floss and metallic thread (if using), and wrap them around a credit card (or store rewards card).  The width of the card you choose determines the length of your tassel. Add variety to your mobiles by trying different lengths.

Step 2: Cut another length of floss about 12 inches long.  Form an overhand loop knot in the center of the floss.  This loop does not need to be very big, just large enough to pull a needle with more floss through (it will connect to your string of Cranes).

Step 3: Insert one tail of the looped floss under the floss/metallic thread on the credit card, and tie a secure knot with the other tail.  Remove the floss/metallic thread from the card, pinch the top end of the tassel, and wrap the rest of the tails of the looped floss around the tassel, again securing the two ends into a knot. (See bottom right photo, above and top left photo, below)

Making Tassel 2
Making a Tassel: Steps 5-8 (clockwise from top left)

Step 5: Trim remaining tails from the looped floss.

Step 6: Cut the loops of the tassel at the ends to create the fringe of the tassel.

Step 7: Trim ends of the tassel until they are even.

Step 8: The Completed Tassel

Part Three: Assemble the Mobile

Making Origami Crane Mobile 1
Assembling the Mobile: Steps 1-4 (clockwise from top left)

Step 1:  Measure the approximate length of your mobile by looking at the layout of your Cranes (Part One: Making the Cranes).  Remember to include the distance between the cranes (I used about 2 inches), and allow for extra room for your knots to secure the cranes, and for a hanging loop at the top (maybe an extra 6 or so inches total).  

Cut this length from the embroidery floss and metallic thread (if using).  Thread these lengths in unison onto your tapestry needle, and insert it into the loop of the tassel.

Step 2: Tie an overhand loop knot and secure the tassel.  I think the overhand loop is the best way to get the tassel to dangle straight down, but if you would like to secure the tassel in another way, that will be fine. Trim the excess floss/thread tail.

Step 3:  Pick up the Origami Crane you would like to be at the bottom of your mobile and push your threaded tapestry needle up through the center of the Crane body.

Step 4: Gently push the Crane all the way down until it is stopped by the knot above the tassel.

Stringing Origami Crane Mobile 2
Assembling the Mobile: Steps 5-8 (clockwise from top left)

Step 5:  Go up about 2 inches above the first crane and tie an overhand knot on the embroidery floss. Tie another overhand knot over the first one, in order to make the knot (or "stopper") bigger.

Step 6:  String another Crane onto the floss, gently push it down the floss until it is stopped by the previous knot.  Repeat Step 5 and Step 6 until you have threaded all of the Cranes onto the embroidery floss.

Step 7: Secure the place where each Crane rests on a knot by placing a small dot of craft glue in the bottom of the Crane, then pushing it gently back onto the knot.

Step 8: Complete the project by tying another overhand loop knot at the top in order to hang your lovely new Tasseled Origami Crane Mobile!

Origami Crane Mobile Collage
Origami Crane Mobile-Details

Hang one mobile, or group several together. Share with friends, and delight in your new creation!

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