Monday, September 10, 2012

Elysian Studios: Welcome to the Studio!

Studio- Main

The new studio space is finally finished- Welcome! 

Come in and stay for a moment, won't you?

Studio-Flat Files and Storage

I am so excited to reveal my studio space.  It took the better part of this past summer to complete!

I've added all new working storage for tools, supplies and packaging.  Filing cabinets were painted and decoupaged, a new counter top was cut to size and painted for the vintage flat files, and new cube shelves were purchased to go on top.  Oh and those cute fabric boxes?  Up-cycled from old cardboard boxes! (I used this tutorial)

With cheery fabric now lining the unfinished basement walls, colorful boards displaying doses of inspiration, and treasured vintage decorative items placed about, my studio is finally a bright, pretty and functional space!

Studio-Center Tables

Multiple large table surfaces have been designated for specific purposes: jewelry, paper crafting, sewing, fabric and pattern layout/cutting, and drawing/collage. Now I have plenty of room to make all of the art I love so much!

Studio- Fabric and Drawing Table

Studio- Drawing Table

There's even a comfy space to relax, read, and critique art! (Or chat with a friend who is visiting!)

Studio-Easel and Chair

I have all of my favorite collections out on display- like my Art Beads in this wonderful old Printer's Type Tray.  Visitors love picking up and examining the beads, and it serves as a way to stage coordinating beads while I am working on new designs.

Studio-Type Tray

There's even a few friendly faces placed about to ensure a good sense of humor is always nearby!

Studio- BookCase and Whimsy

I will be spending a lot of time here... if you don't hear from me for a bit, you'll know why!

Next on the Elysian Studios agenda:
creating new jewelry, new paintings and a new shop!
In order to clear out some inventory to make way for the new, I will be re-opening my Etsy shops soon to have a sale!  Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! Your studio is awesome! It is so well thought out and very very inspiring! It must feel so good to be in here, creating. I am loving the flat filing cabinet...a lot! My internet service has been painfully slow the past 4 days and I can't connect to the youtube, but I certainly will check it out when the internet provider allows. Enjoy it all, my friend! Well deserved!!!

  2. What fun! I love to see the creative spaces that people work in. This looks cozy and fun and filled with all sorts of inspiration. That table in the middle is perfect! Wishing you many blissful hours of creating in here! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Thank you very much, ladies! Erin- I agree, I love looking at studios- probably more than any other interior space! For that reason, I was compelled to share mine! Christine- those flat files are my most coveted pieces in the studio (well... and my easel!)

  4. Wow! Erin, it is even more amazing than I imagined! You will have loads of fun and create your heart out in your wonderful new space. It is true that one can get more accomplished in a cheerful space- have fun!

  5. Oh, Erin! I am so jealous of your lovely studio space! It looks amazing, so warm, full of light, and just so ready for inspiration to hit you :) Great job on a gorgeous studio!

  6. It looks amazing! I wish my craft space looked half as organized and neat as yours. It something I want to work on at some point. Your space is absolutely inspiring and I'm sure we'll see lots and lots of creative and beautiful pieces coming out of it. Congrats on getting it done!!

  7. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful comments- all of you ladies are invited to come over if you are ever in Denver!


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