Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Start Collecting Art: Overcoming the Obstacles

Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2012- Enjoying Art

Having Art displayed in your home creates a beautiful, spirit-filled environment that truly makes your space a haven.  Not only will you adore your Art pieces for years, but your guests will also be enchanted by your unique collection.

But how do you get started?

In this "How To Start Collecting Art" series, I will be sharing tips and tricks to help you begin creating an Art Collection you will cherish.

First, let's establish perhaps why it is difficult to start collecting Art:

Photo by Tax Credits, via Flickr

1- "It's Too Expensive"

Many people feel the price of original Art is beyond their reach financially.  It is true that pieces of Fine Art can be extremely expensive, but there is also plenty of Art available that is within reach.  Everyone should have Art in their home.  This is not a luxury reserved exclusively for the wealthy.  I will share tips on how to find and purchase Art within your budget.

thought bubble called confusion : san francisco (2011)
Photo by torbakhopper, via flickr

2-  "I don't know what I like- Is this Art any good?"

Perhaps you feel intimidated by Art.  Maybe you don't like anything you see. Maybe you like it all and just can't commit.  Buying Art is an investment, and how do you know you are going to be happy with it?  You know you love a really expensive piece (which you can't afford), but will you love a piece that is priced within your budget?   I am going to show you ways determine the quality of Art, and share my methods for buying Art that I love and continue to enjoy.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2012- Crowd

3- "Where do I buy Art?"

Do you spend time in the Art Districts where you live?  Maybe there really aren't any close by.  Perhaps you don't feel comfortable inside those "hoity-toity" Art Galleries where salespeople look down their nose at you (me either!) I will share my favorite places to buy Art, and tips on feeling comfortable around artists and gallery salespeople. 

exhibition #1
Photo by slimmer_jimmer, via Flickr

4- "How do I display Art?"

You don't have to turn your home into an Art Gallery or a Museum.  I am going to help you figure out what kind of Art works for your space and your lifestyle. There are a few things to plan and consider before bringing your new Art home.  Then, I'll share simple and easy ways to display it!

Let's overcome these obstacles that have prevented you from buying Art.  You'll have an Art Collection to be proud of and enjoy for years to come!

Found just what I was looking for at the Cherry Creek Art Festival- an original woodcut print of BB KING and his guitar for my son's room!

Stay Tuned-  I will continue to share solutions to get your Art Collection started. Click Here to read more of the "How To Start Collecting Art" Series. 

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