Monday, October 15, 2012

Caught on Instagram: FALLing in Love with the Season

Fall in love with Autumn and enjoy
my photo diary of the colorful sights
around our Colorado home this season:

The mountains are on fire with #fall color in #summitcounty #breckenridge #autumn #leaves

I adore Fall.  Perhaps it's the color-lover in me
that thrills at the sight of blazing crimson,
orange and gold trees... 

Such vibrant colors of #fall are all around #Denver now! #autumn #leaves

Maybe it's the home-body in me who loves
nothing more than to be cozy in my studio
or watching a movie fireside with my family... 

First fire of the season... Expecting a bit of snow tomorrow! Stay cozy!!

Playing with pattern composition...

Of course, my foodie side enjoys the warm,
spicy foods that fill the air with comfort and nostalgia
during this season...

Made a fresh apple pie today for the first time in years! #yum #apple #autumn

The apple pie has been baked, and filled the house with yummy cinnamony smell goodness!!! #applepie #fall

I also love the fashion accessories demanded by cooler weather:
jeans, sweaters, scarves, and my! 

It's finally boot weather! #autumn #fall #boots

 After Colorado's record heat this summer, I am ready
to be layered up, enjoying the outdoors on warm,
sunny days, and exploring nature by bike or on foot...

Awesome afternoon biking in Breckenridge with my family!

Waterfall near Mohawk Lake in #breckenridge today- stunning! ( and very high up!)

  My imagination also begins to take flight with planning
holiday crafts and decorations. As you will see,
things are starting to look spooky around here! 

Ghost Rice Krispy treats were made today.... #Boo

Our house has a spider problem.... #Halloween #boo

Ghoulish things are starting to appear in friendly yards around the neighborhood #halloween #boo

These are some of my favorite #halloween #decorations -especially my vintage dancing skeletons! #boo

And, of course, one of the elements of Fall I love most,
is the promise of Winter.  We already caught
a dusting of snow in Breckenridge one morning...

There's #snow up on the #mountains in #breckenridge  this morning!

Now you know why I love Fall so much,
but I want to know:

What are your favorite Autumn traditions?

I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this season!

(Oh, and if you want to keep up with my photos, be sure to connect with me on Instagram or Flickr!)


  1. Beautiful Fall Photos! That pie is Gorgeous! I bet it was yummy too :-) You are the mom my kids wished they had, with all your decorations.
    My favorite traditions are going to the apple orchard every week, making apple crisp and apple cider pancakes, wearing cardigans, and going for long walks in the cool air.

  2. Oh- I have been wearing a cardigan every chance I get! I can't wait to break out the scarves to go with it! I doubt I could fill your shoes, even with my fun decorations (which since blew away in a terrible wind storm! :-/ )


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