Saturday, October 27, 2012

Caught On Instagram: Mail Art Fun

Stamping some hand-stitched postcards to send to friends today- #mail #mailart #handmade

I have mentioned how much I love mail, right? 

Well, ever since I started my postal experiment in June, I have had the pleasure of crossing postage with many interesting people who share my passion for art, writing, and stationary supplies!

Sending off my "Community Member Info" card to the L.W.A.

I have joined the Letter Writer's Alliance, and have met quite a few pen friends through their wonderful organization.  Donovan Beeson and Kathy Zadrozny are always offering up interesting mail tidbits and products to enhance your letters and show of your postal pride.  They even mentioned my call for letters here on their blog!

Working on more #mailart and #ATC pieces today- Sunday is a great day to putz around in the studio!

I take extra bits of time here and there to create special pieces of mail to reply to all of my pen pals.  I have painted postcards, and even stitched a few!  I have practiced copying famous art, like Van Gogh's irises, to make my stationary more unique and personalized.  All of these little sessions enhance my artistic skills and help me share some art with new friends.

A little #sketch after #VanGogh Irises I completed during my morning warm-up. Sending off to a friend in the #mail !

I have continued to enjoy collecting stamps.  Check out these cool newly issued "Earthscape" series of stamps.  I've even joined eBay so I can find discontinued stamps, like the Abstract Expressionist series from 2010.  I am still trying to track down a set of Ray and Charles Eames stamps from 2008.  I got it bad... 

New #stamps and notecards  getting sent out in the #mail

Seeking out handmade and art-inspired note cards has also become a passion of mine.  I picked up this gorgeous set of Van Gogh cards at the Denver Art Museum's "Becoming Van Gogh" exhibit this past week (I'll share more on that trip soon!)

Pretty mail supplies: Van Gogh postcards and washi tape!

And my other obsession? Washi tape!! You can see my three newest rolls there with the Van Gogh notes.  I bought these from Wishy Washi Tape on Etsy.  They have such a cute selection, and shipped incredibly fast. I highly recommend their shop!

Sending out some fun #mailart today!

I have been experimenting with all types of ways to send special greetings to friends and family in the mail.  For the  most part, I am pretty impressed at how easily everything is delivered!  And the best part of taking a bit of extra time to write letters and create beautiful mail?

All the awesome mail you get back!

Check out my #artmail haul today! It was a #goodmailday !! #mail

Pretty mail and Finn goodies from my pen pals!

Look at how creative everyone is!  I even received "Miss Milkshake's Tiny Craft-A-Rama" Zine.  It has a little paper doll set inside... I am so coloring it and clipping it out!  Pen pals are awesome.

Do you love mail too? Even if you don't have pen pals, isn't it fun to shop online and anticipate that special package to arrive on your doorstep in a few days?

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  1. It sounds like this writing adventure is giving you so much joy, not to mention some beautiful gifts. What a fantastic project!

  2. You are making me want to embrace real mail again! I was never into art mail, but did almost obsessively write real letters, long letters, buy-a-new-pen-for-a-special-letters. I gave it up when I had kids. Then computers made it easier...but this is so so special and inspiring. We shall see.....

  3. Well you can always write me if you feel like writing and mailing letters again!


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