Thursday, October 18, 2012

Elysian Art A La Carte: Enjoy a Little Art to Go!

Opening Elysian Art A La Carte Beads by Pam Harris
Gypsy Trade Beads Photo by Pam Harris of Gingerbread Snowflakes

I created Elysian Art A La Carte as a second shop for Elysian Studios where I can share some of the extra handmade goodies from my studio for you to use in your own work.  I also want it to be a little shop where you can pick up a simple, affordable gift for yourself or a friend! (I have some cute necklaces listed right now- I'll show them to you in just a second!)

Currently, I am selling some of my handmade polymer clay beads in several styles, and I want to share some of the wonderful work that my friends have been doing with these beads. They will inspire you!

Gypsy Trade Beads
These beads are a fresh, modern take on African trade beads, and are available in a rainbow of colors here.

Tin Punch and Gypsy Trade Bead Dragonfly by Pam Harris
Punched Tin Dragonfly by Pam Harris of Gingerbread Snowflakes

Pam Harris, of Gingerbread Snowflakes, used Purple Gypsy Trade Beads to create this gorgeous Punched Tin Dragonfly, and has shared her brilliant tutorial here.  I love how perfectly the stacked beads have been transformed into the body of the dragonfly.  Isn't he cute?  She also shares a kid-friendly version with paper wings, instead of metal, here. I want to try this! Pam has made it look so easy!

Gypsy Trade Bead Earrings by Jennifer Justman
Gypsy Trade Bead Earrings by Jennifer Justman of Soul's Fire Designs

Jennifer Justman, of Soul's Fire Designs, has linked several wire-wrapped Orange Gypsy Trade Beads individually and created these lovely earrings.  I love how the rich metal, elegant filigree and glossy Carnelian beads are complemented by the soft stripes of the trade beads.  You can see more of Jenn's beautiful jewelry in her Etsy Shop.

Gypsy Trade Bead Necklaces in Copper
Gypsy Trade Bead Necklaces in Copper- Layered
Gypsy Trade Bead necklaces by Erin Fickert-Rowland for Elysian Art A La Carte

I have used the Gypsy Trade Beads to create simple necklaces that will add a little pop of color to your everyday wardrobe. They are available in three lengths: short, medium and long, and in a variety of colors.  They look great layered, too!

Currently, I have a selection available with Copper chain, but I will be adding more necklaces to the collection in Silver and Gunmetal.  You can use Gypsy Trade Beads to make a similar necklace of your own, or pick up a ready-made necklace in the A La Carte Shop!

These stamped and glazed cabochons have been buffed to a smooth, buttery finish.  They are lightweight and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors here.

Kronos Cuff by Geanina Grigore
Kronos Cuff by Geanina Grigore

Geanina Grigore has used a Vintage Clock Cabochon to create this gorgeous hand-embroidered beaded cuff.  I love how the clock is complemented by the sparkly jewel-tone beads and the rich black leather to create an elegant Steampunk vibe.  You can see more of Geanina's luxurious jewelry in her Etsy shop.

By Christine Altmiller-Voyage1
One Voyage Beaded Cabochon by Christine Altmiller-two views
"One Voyage" beaded cabochon by Christine Altmiller of One Kiss Creations 

Blue Bird Beaded Cabachon By Christine Altmiller-both views 
Blue Bird Necklace By Christine Altmiller
"Blue Bird" beaded cabochon and necklace by Christine Altmiller of One Kiss Creations

Christine Altmiller, of One Kiss Creations, has intricately beaded and embellished my oval cabochons to include in her necklace designs. The bead colors she has chosen to complement the cabochons are perfect, and her beaded patterns are just stunning!  I love how the bird seems nested below open beaded branches in her necklace design. You can see more of Christine's lovely jewelry in her Etsy shop.

Are you inspired?  I hope so!

To celebrate all of this creativity, I am offering you a 50% Off coupon to Elysian Art A La Carte!  Simply enter code: SANTABAG50  at checkout to receive50% off your entire purchase.

And guess what?  FREE US SHIPPING is included with all orders!

And when you create something amazing and want to show it off, please add it to the new Designed with Elysian Art A La Carte Flickr group- I can't wait to see what you make!

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  1. I am so happy to be included in this post!
    I have seen the dragon fly before and it is still as fun, beautiful and impressive as the first time I saw it. And Jennifer's earrings are fantastic~they look like they do a lot of dancing :-) That cuff blows me away! I stopped wearing watches after wearing them continuously 24 hrs a day for about 32 years. But this one---I would wear it all the time!
    And your Trade Beads really shine on their own on your necklaces.
    I loved working with your cabs...great feel to them, like a worry stone. Or rather, an inspiration stone :-) They did inspire me to embrace more cabs...something I was always hesitant to do. Thank You Erin!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your work, Christine! I am so happy you loved the cabs- they are very smooth and feel great to handle- I just can't do that amazing beading like you can!

  3. I do love my dragonfly! Your Gypsy Trade Beads are absolutely perfect for creating a dragon-body and turned on edge with a couple tiny beads on the sides - a perfect dragon-head. I have made many dragonflies in the past few years, but never, ever has one been so lifelike and loved as the one inspired by your Gypsy Trade Beads.

    Thank you so much for including me in this very cool post, Erin. I love that you are sharing ways in which people have used your beautiful beads in their own creations. Jennifer's earrings using Gypsy Trade Beads are just beautiful and so many totally amazing ways to use your cabochons. I am looking forward to the next installment in this series!!

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