Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Kid On the Block:Now Showing Art at Zip Thirty Seven Gallery

Zip 37 Gallery in Denver, CO

I am very excited to announce
that I am a new member
of Zip 37 Gallery in Denver, Colorado!

Erin Fickert-Rowland in Front of ZIp 37 Gallery

Zip 37 is an Artist Co-Operative Gallery, which means
it is operated by the artists that are members of the gallery.
You may remember me singing Zip's praises in this post
last August.  It is one of the oldest artist co-operatives in
Denver, and it is located on the quiet and quaint
Navajo Street Art District, right in the heart of the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

I am joining 16 other very talented artists at Zip 37,
and will now be showing and selling my original art here in Denver!


Welcome to Zip 37!

Zip 37 has a beautiful, sunlit front gallery space,
where each member gets to have a three week solo show
during the year.  However, Zip is famous for its Back Room,
where you can find member art displayed all year round!

Check out all of the wonderful art!

Zip 37's Famous Back Room- #3

Zip 37's Famous Back Room #2

Zip 37's Famous Back Room #1

Those are three of my paintings on display in the above photo on the left! I also have a print bin with original oil paintings on panel and original acrylic paintings on paper.  I will be painting up a storm to get more work down to the gallery for this holiday season, and our group show starting in December!

Zip 37 on Navajo Street in Denver, CO

So, if you're in Denver, be sure to stop by Zip 37 and say "Hi!"  We are open Fridays 6-10pm and Saturday, Sunday from 12-5pm, or by appointment.

Of course, I will always be here at
Elysian Studios, too!



  1. YAY!!! Congrats!!! Is it all sinking in now? You must be thrilled to see you pieces hanging up at the Gallery :-)

  2. Thanks, Christine! Yes- it is very exciting to have my paintings hanging up at this gallery. It is still sinking in!

  3. CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!! Erin!!!!! Your paintings look fabulous. I love your new blog also. xxxxxxxx Sondra

  4. How exciting!! Congratulations :)

  5. That's so great Erin! It looks like a wonderful place to shop for art. I wish I lived nearby. I'd definitely go check it out!


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