Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Caught On Instagram: The Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships

Team China created a happy family enjoying the cold together for the 2013 International Snow Sculpture Championships

My family and I had a great time viewing the 23rd Annual International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge this past weekend.  It's an event we try to attend every year, though we had to miss it last year. You can see the sculptures from the 2011 event here  (it's amazing how much less snow there is in town this year!)

Here's what I caught on Instagram from our day:

Headed up to Breckenridge for some snow boarding and to check out the International Snow Sculpture Event.
On the road from Denver to Breckenridge on I-70

Teams from all over the world came to the 23rd Annual Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge
Sculpture teams of 5 people come from all over the world for this event

The Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Competition was fun to see this year!
The snow sculptures fill Breckenridge's Riverwalk Center

Each sculpture for the Breckenridge Snow Sculpture competition starts out as a huge square of packed snow, which volunteers from town come stomp down into big concrete forms!
Each sculpture begins as a giant cube of packed snow.  Concrete forms are set up, and filled with  snow.  Local volunteers then have fun stomping down the snow to pack it into the form.

This was Team Breckenridge's Snow Sculpture for the 2013 International Snow Sculpture Championships
Team Breckenridge's Sculpture

At the #Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture event- pretty cool!
Detail of "The Seven Deadly Sins" Sculpture by the Wales Team

Team Alaska's Snow Sculpture shared some of their Native American heritage in the 2013 International Snow Sculpture Championships
Team Alaska's Sculpture
Many of the teams depict a story from their cultural heritage.

Team Spain created a very ambitious sculpture inspired by a Picasso painting for the 2013 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships
Team Spain's Sculpture
Modeled after a Picasso painting, this ambitious sculpture took 2nd Place.

Team Yukon carved a very vivid mythological tale for the Breck Snow Sculpture competition of a grandfather eaten by a polar bear who fought his way out ...terror simulated by my son!
Team Yukon's Sculpture 
This depicted a mythological story of a grandfather who was eaten by a polar bear.
His grandson was ready to kill the bear, but the grandfather escaped by cutting his way out of the bear's stomach.  It was quite the dramatic scene!
This sculpture won the Kid's Choice Award.

My family had a blast this past weekend at the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships!
Viewing the International Snow Sculpture Championships is a wonderful event for the whole family!

It's so much fun to see people expressing their creativity in such a unique way, and it is always wonderful to see so many people out and about enjoying art!


  1. Those sculptures are breathtaking Erin!

  2. Thanks so much for the nice compliment, Michele! Yes, they were amazing!

  3. Wow, these really are amazing. What a talent!


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