Friday, January 24, 2014

Caught on Instagram: Crafting Broncos Super Bowl Spirit

The Denver Broncos are the AFC Champions this year and headed to the Super Bowl!

It's time to get our team craft on....

Some serious Broncos crafts will be made in our house over the next two weeks as we get ready to cheer for our team at the Superbowl!
photo by @elysianstudios on Instagram

I realized last weekend, that I had not stocked up on enough Broncos gear before the big AFC Championship game.  I am from Indiana, so I've been a big Colts fan for years, and an especially big fan of Peyton Manning!  After Peyton moved to Denver, we retired most of our Colts attire, and have been slowly replacing it with Broncos gear. But now we're in the Super Bowl, and it's time to get serious!

I've raided our local craft stores and am making room for more orange and blue around our house and in my wardrobe.

First up: a crocheted scarf...

Picking up #crochet for the first time to make a #Broncos inspired scarf in time for the Super Bowl!
photo by @elysianstudios on Instagram

I've taken up the knitting needles before, but never the crochet hook.  I knew I needed a bold, cozy scarf pronto, so crochet was the only way to go.  Luckily, Michael's had a great yarn sale this week, too!  Score!

Here comes the orange! It's becoming hard to stop- Can't wait to have the #Broncos scarf finished! #crochet #unitedinorange
photo by @elysianstudios on Instagram

I followed this easy YouTube tutorial by Tracy Nguyen and just switched it from two colors to three.  I love the scarf, and I'm making the same pattern in more colors to get me through the end of winter.  I am totally hooked on crochet!  

Finally finished my crocheted Broncos infinity scarf! It is really cozy and was super easy to make! I see more colors of the same pattern in my future...
photo by @elysianstudios on Instagram

So with all the hooking and looping, the Rainbow Loom was calling my name.  We originally got one of these to craft with my niece, but we soon realized how awesome the rubber bracelets and necklaces are!  Even my boys came up with guy colors for cool bracelets.  Of course I needed a few orange and blue bracelets to add to my stack!

Adding a few Broncos colored bracelets to my stack courtesy of the Rainbow Loom....
photo by @elysianstudios on Instagram

Warning, even though Rainbow Loom Jewelry Made Easy! looks easy, one falsely looped band sends the whole project to "ppbbllllt!"  It's not too hard to get a complicated pattern to work though, and I love the way these bracelets turned out.  Don't hesitate to mix these fun,colorful bracelets in with your nicer jewelry!  I stacked mine with an artisan leather bracelet, but a sterling silver bracelet would look great too!

I love mixing high and low fashion- fun rubber rainbow loom bracelets in team colors (Go Broncos!!) look great with my artisan leather bracelet and a sparkly rhinestone wrapped bangle. The rainbow loom isn't just for kids! :-)
photo by @elysianstudios on Instagram

I have a few more team craft ideas to share, and I better get going!  The big game is only a week away!  Of course, you can be a fan all year round!

Sneak peek of the next craft:

#crafting a fun, easy #Broncos inspired #wreath in time for Super Bowl Sunday! Video tutorial coming soon!

I'm sharing how to make this easy wreath in team colors in a video tutorial ! Watch it here on YouTube, and...


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